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Ningbo Tianrong Fluoroplastic Technology Co., LTD is specialized in manufacturing PTFE and silicone coating products. Tianrong keep the technical innovation, with scientific management, rely on the advanced precision equipments and specific process, to provide customers value-added products.

Group company have Ningbo Tianta Fluoroplastic and silicone IAT, Ningbo Tianshuo Technology Co.,LTD, Ningbo Tianrong Fluoroplastic Technology Co.,LTD. Tianrong Continuous research and development to the forefront of PTFE and silicone coating products, in order to meet customer higher demand. Tianrong have the most advanced processing equipment and production processing technology, accumulation of production management experience in 30 years. Have TianTa® brand.


In the PTFE silicone coating products fields,brand of Tianta® is famous in the world. Have more than 50 countries or regions customers purchasing our high quality products, kinds of PTFE and silicone coated fabric, pressure sensitive adhesive tape, conveyor belt, film, etc. It widely used in food baking, packaging, medicine, clothing, electronic industry, solar energy, wind power generation, corrosion prevention, aviation, etc.

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