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Seamless PTFE Coated Ring Belts for Side-Sealing Packaging

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Mr. Bing Rong XUE, President of NINGBO TIANTA GROUP, created and patented the indispensable Seamless PTFE Coated Ring Belts. These thin and properly PTFE coated Belts are used on the Side-Sealing Packaging Equipment. Woven endless with selected Glass or Kevlar® Yarns, on especially designed Looms, these belts have excellent dimensional stability, exceptional tear and tensile strength, superior resistance to abrasion and excellent non-stick and release properties. These Ring Belts can operate in continuity at temperatures ranging between -60°C. and +260°C., and can resist pharmaceutical and chemical attacks.

Seamless Ring Belts can run in a continuous cycle and heat-seal a variety of plastics films on many types of Packaging Equipment.

FGT-N200T Series (FGT-PTFE Coated Glass Fabrics),
FKT-N200T Series (FKT-Coated *Kevlar® Fabrics)

Standard Girth length(mm)
750 770 810 910 1010 1020 1270 1360 1370 1500 1600 1750 1960
Standard width(mm)
12.5 15 16 18 20.5
King / 0.25mm
A / 0.22mm
Super smooth Standard smooth
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