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Joint Splices / Guiding Tracking Devices / Edge Reinforcements

Category Description :

Joint Splices:

Tianrong offers 3 types of Splices: - Metallic, Non-Metallic and Seamless Splices to meet with all Your requirements:

Metallic Joints / Splices:
Anodized or Stainless Steel Alligator or Anchor Joints for Non-Food or Food Contact application.

Clipper Lacing

Alligator Lacing

Non Metallic Joints / Splices:
PEEK® Spiral Splices, Kevlar® Hinge or Soft Seal Splices, Fingers Splices, Butt and Scarf Splices or simply Overlapped Heat Sealed Joints.

PEEK Spiral Splices

Kevlar® Hinge

Seamless Belts,(without Joint or Splice),:
Endless Woven and Coated Belts without a Jointing point.

Butt Splice

Overlap Splice

Guiding Devices:
Knitted Kevlar® Square Cord, Silicone Rubber Profile, Strip of Thick Felt, Studs, Rivets, Eyelets, PTFE or Plastic Bolts.



Silicone Rubber Guide

Edge Reinforcements:
Heat Sealed and / or Sewn Coated Kevlar® or Glass Fabrics, Heat Sealed Skived PTFE,Heat- Sealed PTFE Film, Crease and Tear Resistant Fabrics, etc.

Heat Sealed Fabric Edge

Sewn & Sealed Fabric Edge

Heat Sealed PTFE-Film Edge
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