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PTFE Architectural Membrane

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As part of their continuous technological advancement, the owners of TIANRONG have invested in the development of durable and exceptionally strong Architectural Membranes. These PTFE Coated Membranes are the most adaptable fabrics for the building of Tensile Structures, and have great Quality differences with other types of Coated Fabrics or Films. PVC Coated Membranes are opaque and age and discolor very quickly. Structures built with PTFE Coated Membranes would be guaranteed for 20 Years and would certainly last for more than half a century. These Membranes have a high percentage of translucency, become totally white and resistant to all types of weather and damaging solar rays like Infra-Red and Ultra-Violet. Nowadays, most Sport Stadiums, Conference Centers and Exhibition Halls are completely covered with these very light and extremely strong Roofing and Insulating Architectural Membranes.

Main Features of TIANRONG’S Architectural Membranes:

Our Architectural Membranes are woven in-house with selected twisted yarns composed of extremely thin and flexible filaments of E-Glass. We weave these base fabrics on highly technological European Looms and use especially formulated PTFE Dispersions and translucent fillers. We then Coat these fabrics to different thicknesses depending on the defined application: Porous for Sound Proofing, Light Coated for more Translucency and Heavily Coated for superior strength against the weather. At present, We can produce Membranes of up to 4.000 mm. wide, (158 inches), which are shipped in rolls of up to 100 continuous linear meters.

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