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Key factors to consider when choosing the right belt:

• Range of temperature resistance
Both Our PTFE and Silicone Rubber Coated Fabrics can resist continuous operating temperatures ranging from -40 to +260°C.

• Flexibility
It is very important to choose the correct flexible materials to produce a belt that has to be track around pulleys. Usually, the smaller the diameter of the pulley is, the more flexible the belt must be.
Thinner fabrics are better.

• Release properties
We can supply from a rough to a super smooth surface finishing.

• Tensile / Trap-Tear Strength
The loaded weight, the speed and the tension must be considered.

• Splices / Joints
We can provide different types of Splices or Joints according to Your unique requirements,including metallic, non-metallic and endless Splices.

• Edge Reinforcements
Our belts can be manufactured with various types of Edge Reinforcements: Crease & Tear Resistant or *Kevlar® fabrics Heat Sealed and / or Sewn, Skived or Cast PTFE Film Heat-Sealed and / or Sewn.

• Color or Pigments
We can supply different color fabrics and films according to Your requirements.

• Specially Treated Fabrics
Anti-static ------ These fabrics are specially treaded to eliminate static during operation. They are widely used in the apparel industry as conveyor belts in fusing press machines.
Crease & Tear Resistant---These level fabrics offer virtually higher tear strength for high speed application
Silicone --- Silicone coated fiberglass fabric provides exceptional pliability and release property.Color can be customized. One side or two sides silicone coated fabrics are available.
Special size ---We provide maximum width 4.2m and thickness 1.6mm for your special use.

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