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PTFE Adhesive Tapes

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Pure PTFE Film or Skived Tapes are manufactured from 100% selected PTFE Granules and / or Resins. These Films are then Chemically Etched and Primed according to the type of Adhesive that We apply. Our Adhesive Backed PTFE Coated Glass Fabrics are also properly Etched and Primed before the application of high grade Silicone or Acrylic Adhesives.

The best Silicone Adhesive can withstand temperatures from -40°C., and up to +260°C., and we prepare special batches of Phenol Based Silicone Adhesive that could resist temperatures just above 280°C. in continuous.

Our tapes with Acrylic Adhesives are recommended for Cryogenic Sealing Processes, (packaging inside an area saturated with nebulous Peroxide). These tapes are ideal for sealing bags of Milk and Dairy Products. Our Adhesive Products are protected with a variety of liners, from Yellow Corrugated PVC to Blue Smooth Treated PE Liner with widths up to 1.500 mm.

There are hundreds of Applications for TIANRONG’S Adhesive Tapes. Their excellent tack and superior non-stick easy release surface, makes them the best choice for Thermal Spray Masking tapes, used in resurfacing jet engine components. The biggest application for PTFE tapes is in the sealing of Polyethylene and other plastic packaging materials.



Photo of Product Description Product No. Thickness
Standard Width
( mm.)
PTFE Coated Fiberglas Adhesive Tape T-300FG-13 0.13 25-380
T-300FG-18 0.18 25-380
T-300FG-25 0.25 25-380
PTFE Coated Fiberglass Adhesive Tape with Yellow Corrugated PVC Liner FTAP-300G-13 0.13 1000/1250/1500
FTAP-300G-18 0.18 1000/1250/1500
FTAP-300G-20 0.20 1000/1250/1500
FTAP-300G-25 0.25 1000/1250/1500
Pure PTFE Adhesive Film Tape T-310FM-08 0.08 25-400
T-310FM-13 0.13 25-400
T-310FM-18 0.18 25-400
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