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Sealing Belt

Product Description

Mr. Bing Rong XUE, President of NINGBO TIANTA GROUP, created and patented the indispensable Seamless PTFE Coated Ring Belts. These thin and properly PTFE coated Belts are used on the Side-Sealing Packaging Equipment. Woven endless with selected Glass or Kevlar® Yarns, on especially designed Looms, these belts have excellent dimensional stability, exceptional tear and tensile strength, superior resistance to abrasion and excellent non-stick and release properties. These Ring Belts can operate in continuity at temperatures ranging between -60°C. and +260°C., and can resist pharmaceutical and chemical attacks. Seamless Ring Belts can run in a continuous cycle and heat-seal a variety of plastics films on many types of Packaging Equipment.



King grade:0.25mm

A grade:0.22mm


Standard width



Standard Girth length(mm)

750mm,770mm,810mm,1010mm,1020mm,1360mm,1500mm,1600mm ,1750mm,1960mm

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