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  • Textile


    Tianrong seamless PTFE coated belts have excellent dimensional stability and non-stick surface. The seamless design prevents markings on laminated collars, cufflinks or fashion Belts. Tianrong seamless fusing belt will last at least 3 times longer than any other type of belts with a heat-sealed join Read More

  • Car


    Tianrong high temperature non stick solutions for car parts manufacturing● Compression moulding for composite manufacturing● Low friction actuator lining● Rubber extrusion and curing● Thermal lamination for composite manufacturing Read More

  • chemical


    Tianrong provides non-porous and smooth solution to satisfy demands for chemical compatibility. These non-porous composites are specifically engineered to provide long life and superior reliability in chemical processing, storage and containment. Read More

  • Electronic


    Building FPCB is a complex multi-step process.Tianrong release fabrics play a critical role in this process, helping to reduce defect rates thereby increasing production yield for all types of vacuum, quick sheet and roll-to roll-lamination processes. Read More

  • Energy


    In the Energy industry,T-guard series are flexible fabrics that provides superior protection to the valve,piping,flange in oil,coal,gas based facilities.If Photo-voltaic (PV)-module lamination production ,Tianrong provides customized re-usable non-stick release sheets and processing belts.We also ha Read More

  • Door windown and carpet


    Carpet processingTianrong PTFE coated belts are designed to withstand the harsh production environment. The non-stick surface, consistently delivers perfect release and helps reduce the risk of downtime. PVC window&door processWhen welding uPVC windows and doors,requires consistent and long lasting Read More

  • Food


    We provides full ranges of PTFE series for food industry.l High performance PTFE belting for tortilla press and flat breads productionl High strength belt for beef,chicken processingl BBQ grill mat and oven linerl Bread toasting beltl Solid or mesh bottom cooking basketl Vacuum Drying Read More

  • Packaging


    Tianrong provides PTFE fiberglass fabric with or without adhesive layer, PTFE belts for plastic film welding and heat sealing packaging application. Read More

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