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Door windown and carpet

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Carpet processing

Tianrong PTFE coated belts are designed to withstand the harsh production environment. The non-stick surface, consistently delivers perfect release and helps reduce the risk of downtime.


PVC window&door process

When welding uPVC windows and doors,requires consistent and long lasting release,to maximize output and minimize potential defects.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

With superior release surface and temperature resistance up to 260°C ,Tianrong PTFE products are optimal surfacing materials used to prevent melted PVC from sticking to and building up on welding platens of your machinery. Tianrong release sheets are suitable to use in all hot plate welding processes. Easy-to-clean, the non-stick surface reduces the risk of contamination and weld failures.

cushion backed flooringPVC window welding

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