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what is PTFE coated fabric

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PTFE coated fabric have many types ,usually the basic woven fabric need last high temperature when the PTFE resin cured above 327degree ,so the common choose fiberglass fabric or aramid fabric.this composite material have different performance when different basic fabric composite different PTFE coating weight.

Optimal Non-stick and excellent release properties and ease to clean.excellent resistance to temperature from -40℃----+260℃ continuous,chemically inert-Unaffected by most chemicals ans solvents,non-toxic and FDA approved for food contact ,excellent low coefficient of friction,Dimensional stability and mechanical strength,heat transfer which allows a reduction of energy consumption,excellent insulating properties,resistant to UV,IR and  Microwaves,Tianrong high performance products are composed of glass,kevlar®fabrics which are carefully coated with the most production processes.with more than 36years investing in research and development,Tianrong has successfully manufactured a wide range of PTFE Coated Fabric as follows:

⒈    PTFE coated glass or kevlar® fabrics

2. adhesive backed &tapes of PTFE fabric

3. PTFE coated Glass or kevlar® Open Mesh Fabrics

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